Doom 3
[~] :

Bae: Ec aa [~] (a) e ye paoa,

opoye aa [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [~]

aviDemo - coxpae eo ae p avi a

benchmark - ecpoae copoc p

doomhell - epe oceey ypo

freeze - aopo cex

gfxinfo - oaa opa o paeco ape

god - eyoc

noclip - pe xoe co ce

notarget - eoc ocy pao

com_drawfps 1 - oaa FPS

give all - oy ce opye apo

give doom95 - apy Doom 2 epc '95 oa

give keys - oy ce

give weapon_machinegun - oy Machinegun

give weapon_shotgun - oy ycoy

give weapon_plasmagun - oy aey yy

give weapon_bfg - oy BFG

give weapon_chainsaw - oy eoy

give weapon_rocketlauncher - oy paey

status - oaa cayc p

map - apy apy ( Load Map )

spawn - coa pee epc. ( Spawn )

quit - ao py

Cco ap:

(coyc c oao MAP, MAP ) - Mars City 1 - Mars Underground - Mars City 2 - Administration - Alpha Labs Sector 1 - Alpha Labs Sector 2 - Alpha Labs Sector 3 - Alpha Labs Sector 4 - EnPro Plant - Comm Transfer - Communications - Monorail Skybridge - Recycling Sector 2 - Monorail - Delta Labs Level 1 - Delta Labs Level 2A - Delta Labs Level 2B - Delta Labs Level 3 - Delta Labs Level 4 - Hell - Delta Complex - CPU Complex - Central Processing - Site 3 - Caverns Area 1 - Caverns Area 2 - Primary Excavation

Cco peeo epcoae oopx oo coa oao spawn give:

Flaming Zombie - monster_zombie_bernie

Chainsaw Zombie - monster_zombie_sawyer

Z-sec Zombie with machine gun - monster_zombie_zsec_machinegun

Z-sec Zombie with pistol - monster_zombie_zsec_pistol

Z-sec Zombie with shield - monster_zombie_zsec_shield

Z-sec Zombie with shotgun - monster_zombie_zsec_shotgun

Commando Zombie - monster_zombie_commando

Commando Zombie with Chaingun - monster_zombie_commando_cgun

Fat Zombie - monster_zombie_fat2

Fat Zombie with wrench - monster_zombie_fat_wrench

Bald Zombie - monster_zombie_maint_bald

Zombie with no jaw - monster_zombie_maint_nojaw

Zombie with Wrench - monster_zombie_maint_wrench

Skinny Zombie - monster_zombie_maint_skinny

Zombie - monster_zombie_maint

Zombie - monster_zombie_maint2

Zombie wth Flashlight - monster_zombie_ maint_flashlight

Headless Zombie - monster_zombie_suit_neckstump

Zombie - monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouth

Skinny Zombie - monster_zombie_suit_skinny

Zombie in Labcoat - monster_zombie_labcoat

Zombie Missing Limb - monster_zombie_limb

Zombie - monster_zombie_skinny

Zombie with a pipe - monster_zombie_pipe

Zombie in T-shirt - monster_zombie_tshirt_bald

Zombie - monster_zombie_tshirt_blown

Zombie in Jumpsuit - monster_zombie_jumpsuit

Zombie Eating - monster_zombie_jumpsuit_eating

Archvile - monster_demon_archvile

Cherub - monster_demon_cherub

Hellknight - monster_demon_hellknight

Imp - monster_demon_imp

Maggot - monster_demon_maggot

Mancubus - monster_demon_mancubus

Pinky - monster_demon_pinky

Revenant - monster_demon_revenant

Tick - monster_demon_tick

Trite - monster_demon_trite

Wraith - monster_demon_wraith

Cyberdemon - monster_boss_cyberdemon

Gaurdian - monster_boss_guardian

Guardian's Seeker - monster_boss_guardian_seeker

Sabaoth - monster_boss_sabaoth

Vagary - monster_boss_Vagary

Bo ee cco oo, ca oee poep o o oaa:

_use parsewait game_memory

_moveRight printShader in_restart

_moveLeft printMode kill

_moveDown playDemo killRagdolls

_forward playCmdDemo killMoveables

_back playerModel killMonsters

_right prevanim keepTestModel

_left reload listModels

_lookDown reloadSounds listSkins

_lookUp reloadSoundShaders listMaterials

_attack reloadFx listImages

_moveUp reloadanims listModes

_speed reexportmodels listLightDefs

_strafe removeline listEntityDefs

_button7 runReach listMonsters

_button6 runAAS listEntities

_button5 recordCmdDemo listThreads

_button4 recordDemo listSounds

_button3 recordCmdDemo listAnims

_button2 recordDemo listCollisionModels

_button1 renderbumpFlat listlines

_button0 renderbump listVertexCache

aasStats roq map

addarrow reloadGuis modulateLights

addline reset noclip

blinkline regenerateWorld notarget

bindlist reloadImages nextanim

bind reloadShaders overlayGUI

centerview reloadModels path

compressDemo script poplight

connect reloadEntityDefs toggle

clearlights s_musictrack testSIMD

conDump s_cacheInvalidate touchMaterial

clear s_cacheInfo testFx

cvar_restart s_restart touchSound

cvarlist seta listSoundShaders

combineCubeImages set touchParticle

crash spawn testDamage

collisionModelInfo setviewpos testblend

dirtyfeet setStepGamma testanim

dir setu testParticle

demoShot sets testModel

disconnect sizeDown testWipe

dmap sizeUp testGUI

echo screenshot timeDemo

envshot spawnServer testmap

exec stopRecording touchSkin

exportmodels say touchModel

editSounds testTrace unbind

editLight testImage unbindall

editor testShader vid_restart

error testBump vstr

fillrate testLight writeConfig

flashlight touchFx writePrecache

focusSoundsEditor touchGui weapon

give touchFile weapnext

where weapprev weaponSplat

Ec e xoe poxo py a ex ypox cooc o

apoa ee, xoe cpay aa x, o ae c

po ae a doomconfig.cfg ee e cpoy:

seta g_nightmare "0" a seta g_nightmare "1"

Ec pa aec co eo ee ceye o:

r_gamma 3 <- ye ypoe aa

r_brightness 0

seta g_showPlayerShadow "0" <- o e poa

seta g_showPlayerShadow "1" <- e poa

B o peeo a:

bind "p" "toggle pm_thirdperson"

Tecoe ap:

map testmaps/

map testmaps/

map testmaps/

Ec e coee x pa, o pacaye x c aa pak000.pk4

, .